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Below are a few of the projects I have created recently. I was the sole developer on each one, handling everything from frontend UI/UX design to configuring the API and database on the backend.


A cryptocurrency tracking (React-Redux) application using Socket.IO for real-time data transfer as well as Twilio and Mailgun for sms text message and email notification alerts. CryptoKeeper displays the price and market data for some of the more popular cryptocurrencies in real-time and allows for users to signup for an account and create custom notification events for a given currency based off of a condition that they choose. When that condition has been met, the user will then receive the custom message they have created via text and/or email depending on what they choose.

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Droned Reviews

Droned Reviews is a user-sourced drone review website that provides a platform for users to share personal knowledge and experience with quadcopters. Whether you are an experienced pilot or a first-time buyer, it is a place to come and read up on first-hand information on the latest drone makes and models provided by real drone pilots and hobbyists such as myself. Users can also navigate through images and technical specifications of some of the top models manufactured by the most trusted names in the personal drone industry.

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Stream It

A front-end only search engine where users can find out exactly where and for how much they can currently stream a movie or tv show as well as find ratings and other useful information. It uses the GuideBox API to leverage about 340 sources. Unfortunately, the API is no longer public and service to Stream It has since expired, but data on roughly 500 movies have been cached to retain some level of functionality.

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Below is a project I was hired to build. I was the only developer and worked closely with the designer.

Net Neutrality Microsite for Thinkful©

An interactive, map-based microsite built for Thinkful to showcase the 2018 House and Senate candidates and their political stances on Net Neutrality. Based on the amount of data and user interactivity involved, it was determined that React would be the perfect conduit to showcase the information. - Designer: Darren Laiben

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Get to know Me

I am a full-stack web developer and recent graduate of the Full Stack Web Development Program at Thinkful. From a young age, I have always been inclined to build things and see what I can make. Since coding has come into my life, I have had the opportunity to do just that and create projects from scratch. The feeling of taking an idea and turning it into a fully functional, working application is unparalleled. My technology of choice is the MERN stack and I equally enjoy both frontend and backend development.

When I am not solving problems, I enjoy piloting my drone and taking videos, catching deep powder on my snowboard, seeing live music, and riding roller coasters.

Work Flow

Some of the tools I use to develop efficiently